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Anyone looking for a new casino in 2021 will find a variety of options to choose from. Regardless of the player’s location and gambling preferences, dozens of new casinos enter the market almost every month of the year. Therefore, it is natural to ask yourself an important question: Should I choose an old and proven casino or a modern casino? The proven online casinos are from top online casinos, where the players do not “run away”, because there is always something new here, and regular customers still have many advantages.

Pleasant experience

For some players, there is nothing better than playing on the new field and experimenting with the latest casinos to get on the scene. There is no reason for others to stay the same and miss the opportunity to play reputable and loved casinos.

From a purely objective point of view, there are arguments on both sides of the coin. But there are also one or two important points to pay attention to. For example, some new casinos are inherently more generous than their old counterparts. So, are new casinos paying out more to attract players?

This idea of new casinos has been around since the early days of modern casino games. Many believe that at the point when a new online casino first opens its doors, it deliberately increases the odds in favor of the customer. Basically, it’s the same as when a new store opens and there is a flash sale – a marketing tool to attract people. Although this seems like a perfectly logical approach, it really isn’t how things work in the real world. In fact, no casino has ever attempted to diminish the casino edge and increase the odds in the player’s favor, simply as a marketing trick at first.

What about welcome bonuses?

Most online casinos tend to pay out their initial welcome bonuses disproportionately. This is a much more common and traditional marketing tactic used to encourage as many people as possible to open accounts and check what’s on offer. When a new online casino opens its doors, it is normal to have all sorts of introductory incentives and bonuses scattered around it. Many of them are offered one-off as a celebration of the opening of a new casino. Top online casinos always has something to offer, even to players who have been playing for a long time.

With such a huge selection of online casinos, it is better to stay on a proven site, where:

  • Pleasant atmosphere and convenient interface
  • Reliable licenses and certificates by audit organizations
    Wide selection of games by top-providers
  • Competent customer support
  • Convenient payment methods with cryptocurrency and modern e-wallets

How to choose a modern online casino?

One of the most important tasks for any modern operator is to create a solid customer base. This action will help operators to offer attractive terms and conditions for future players. Among these are generous bonuses, high maximum limits of deposits and withdrawals, convenient rules for payments, regular updates of slots, and prizes for regular players. These features increase audience loyalty, however, not all casinos promise these goodies. Thus, to understand whether one or another modern casino deserves your attention, pay close attention to important criteria:

Availability of a license

All fair online casinos provide information about the license. Information about the legality is available on the official site of the casinos or on the site of the jurisdiction. Casinos with the license of Malta, the UK, Curacao, are considered honest. In order to receive the license, gambling sites must provide all the details about software providers, and confirm the reliability of the operations.

Terms of play

Honest online casinos should comply with many characteristics, including the following:

  • Demo mode. The ability to play for free allows players to learn the characteristics of slots, and how the casino works.
  • Speed of money transfers. Quick withdrawal of money is an essential factor that speaks about the reliability of the casino.
  • License. It guarantees the safety and fairness of the gambling site.
  • Limits for bets. Players must be able to place minimum bets and maximum bets. This allows players with different financial capabilities to play slots without risking significant amounts.

Bonus systems

Old reputable sites do not need additional advertising for their bonus system. Everybody knows about their huge welcome bonus, wagering requirements, and loyalty programs. The situation is different with modern casinos. They can offer unique and huge bonuses or a small number of free spins. Most of the time, modern casinos with licenses also care about their reputation and try to provide enormous bonuses to attract new players.


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